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Nevertheless, film historians hold out hope that another print will one day be discovered. The famed actor could be anywhere, perhaps standing right beside you, and you'd never know it. Page 39. His parents, Frank H. Chaney, a successful barber, and Emma Alice Kennedy Chaney, daughter of the founder of the Colorado School for the Deaf, were both hearing-impaired. In fact, the hump was constructed of much lighter plaster and was closer to 20 pounds. "Actors should pay more attention to their work and less attention to their fan mail," Chaney once said. He brings that part of you out into the open, because you fear that you are not loved, you fear that you never will be loved, you fear there is some part of you that's grotesque, that the world will turn away from. However, he would find his greatest fame as reluctant werewolf Lawrence Talbot in Universal's 1941 horror film The Wolf Man, kicking off a long career in the studio's beloved monster films. Period. Portrayed Monsters By William M. Freeman. Page 53. Vestal Press Inc. Chaney married one of his former colleagues in the Kolb and Dill company, a chorus girl named Hazel Hastings. From his humble beginnings on the stage to his rise to fame as a legend of the silver screen, this is the amazing life and tragic death of Lon Chaney. [17] The film is a largely fictionalized account, as Chaney was notoriously private and hated the Hollywood lifestyle. Here is all you want to know, and more! Lon B Chaney passed away on December 15, 1973 at 87 years of age. "The Films of Lon Chaney". The year after his star-making turn in Riddle Gwane, Chaney appeared in a role that would truly showcase his talents. Chaney immediately quit Universal and struck out on his own as a freelance actor. In 1905, Chaney, then 22, met and married 16-year-old singer Cleva Creighton (Frances Cleveland Creighton) and in 1906, their only child, a son, Creighton Tull Chaney (later known as Lon Chaney Jr.) was born. Page 29. The hunchback's lumpy facial structure was created using layers of cotton and collodion. Media in category "Lon Chaney, Jr." The following 35 files are in this category, out of 35 total. Page 56. To create Erik's deathly appearance, Chaney employed a combination of techniques, including traditional highlighting and shading with greasepaint and the cotton and collodion method he used to sculpt Quasimodo's features in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In late 1929 he was diagnosed with bronchial lung cancer. The film industry and public tastes moved on, and over the years Chaney’s memory was somewhat hijacked so that he became remembered as … In succeeding films, the men alternated playing lover, villain, or other man to the beautiful Phillips. Shot on volatile silver nitrate stock, many films of the silent era, including the bulk of Lon Chaney's output, have been lost to the ravages of time. AKA Leonidas Frank Chaney. "The Films of Lon Chaney". Vestal Press Inc. "The Films of Lon Chaney". While his funeral was being conducted, all MGM studios and offices observed two minutes of silence. "The Films of Lon Chaney". To set himself apart from the competition, Chaney experimented extensively to create complicated, never-before-seen characterizations. Chaney is shown here in two of his most famous roles: The Wolfman (L) and as "Lennie" in Of Mice and Men. "I am fascinated by [Lon Chaney]. The time spent there is not clearly known, but between the years 1912 and 1917, Chaney worked under contract for Universal Studios doing bit or character parts. "The Films of Lon Chaney". Casting crews knew that they could place him in virtually any part and he would thrive. In 1913, after an argument with her husband over his decision to return to the road as the manager of the vaudeville team Kolb and Dill, Cleva Chaney attempted suicide by swallowing a vial of bichloride of mercury. Lon passed away on July 12, 1973 at the age of 67 in San Clemente, CA. In 1926, according to LonChaney.com, he married first wife Dorothy Hinckley and went to work for his father-in-law as secretary-treasurer of the General Water Heater Company. Blake, Michael F. (1998). He was the complete package. Lon passed away on August 26, 1930 at the age of 47 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Lon Chaney's first year after leaving Universal was a struggle, but he finally made a breakthrough when legendary Western filmmaker William S. Hart cast him in 1918's Riddle Gwane. Laryngeal Cancer. He is regarded as one of the most versatile and powerful actors of cinema, renowned for his characterizations of tortured, often grotesque and afflicted characters, and his groundbreaking artistry with makeup. Although he was never cast as a lead in his early, uncredited work, Chaney often played featured parts that showcased his unique skills. Page 14. Physicians later announced the underlying cause of death was carcinoma of the bronchus. Despite aggressive treatment, his condition gradually worsened, and seven weeks after the release of the remake of The Unholy Three, he died of a throat hemorrhage on Tuesday, August 26, 1930, in Lo… Despite his sickness, Chaney, a consummate professional, continued to work. Starring opposite Hart as a dastardly cattle rustler, he received high praise for the role, catching the eye of moviegoers and critics alike. Vestal Press Inc. Blake, Michael F. (1998). Chaney's health had been poor for several months before entering the hospital for what would be his final time. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Family, Wiki. On July 25, 1929, Universal suspended Chaney's contract and pay (which had recently been increased to $3,750 a week) pending his recovery. Chaney had a breakthrough performance as "The Frog" in George Loane Tucker's The Miracle Man (1919). Chaney is shown here in two of his most famous roles: The Wolfman (L) and as "Lennie" in Of Mice and Men. As Quasimodo, the grotesquely deformed bell ringer, Chaney underwent a grueling three-hour process to apply the elaborate makeup, which included a 20-pound plaster hump attached with a leather harness which prevented him from standing erect. They were occasionally be joined by Claire DuBrey nearly making the trio a quartet of recurring actors from film to film. As Quasimodo, the bell ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral, and Erik, the "phantom" of the Paris Opera House, Chaney created two of the most grotesquely deformed characters in film history. In a 1925 autobiographical article for Movie magazine, Chaney wrote: "I wanted to remind people that the lowest types of humanity may have within them the capacity for supreme self-sacrifice. As recounted by Nige Burton of Classic-Monsters.com, Erik's gruesome visage caused "women to scream and strong men to faint.". His sickness progressed into a case of walking pneumonia. In 1906, the couple had their only child, a son they named Creighton Tull. Little is known of Hazel, except that her marriage to Chaney was solid. [9] In absence of specialized make-up artist professions, Chaney's make-up artistry skills gave him a competitive advantage over other actors. According to Robert Gordon Anderson, author of Faces, Forms, Films: The Artistry of Lon Chaney, Sistrom bluntly told Chaney that he was just another actor and would never be worth more than $100 a week. However, he didn't consider acting a serious career option until some time later. Blake, Michael F. (1998). Leonidas Frank Chaney was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Frank H. Chaney (1852–1927) and Emma Alice Kennedy. Page 26. Among Chaney's missing films is one picture that is arguably the most famous lost film of all time. Both of Chaney's parents were deaf and, as a child of deaf adults, Chaney became skilled in pantomime. For decades, Hollywood lore has maintained that The Hunchback of Notre Dame was the brainchild of producer Irving Thalberg. Struggling in bit parts for years, his fortunes changed when Chaney reluctantly adopted his father's name. [12], In the final five years of his film career (1925–1930), Chaney worked exclusively under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, giving some of his most memorable performances. Page 33. The New York Times praised the film and singled Chaney's performance out as a highlight. He was also a highly skilled dancer, singer and comedian. Dying of cancer a month and a half after the release of his only talkie, Chaney would take a lifetime of potential and innovation to the grave just as the movies took their next evolutionary step. Lon Chaney, Sr. Graham Chapman Rose Cipollone Gloria Clapp Rosemary Clooney Ty Cobb Nat King Cole Chuck Connors Gary Cooper Luiz Jose Costa Noel Coward Bing Crosby ... > cigarette addiction did in fact cause his death. 1-216). Overall, Chaney claimed to have had a happy childhood. Chaney was a star on the rise. Page 70. He was born on March 31, 1886. "The Films of Lon Chaney". At 14, Lon's knack for entertaining found a paying outlet when he became a tour guide at Pikes Peak. Vestal Press Inc. [13] Only able to wear the apparatus for short periods, Chaney suffered broken blood vessels and required frequent massaging of his legs between takes. "The Films of Lon Chaney". Page 37. He begged a witness to this act of kindness to keep quiet, explaining, "I will never hear the end of it. When I found that magazine, I thought it was a gift from the gods. Mrs. Chaney, his wife of 30 years, declined to disclose the cause of death or to tell the funeral plans. Vestal Press Inc. "[12], Chaney's son Creighton, who later changed his name to Lon Chaney Jr., became a film actor after his father's death. [9] Most of what the Hollywood studios knew about film stemmed from their experience with theater make-up, but this did not always transfer well to the big screen, especially as the film quality increased over time. At last free from Universal, Chaney, with a proven body of work and his unequalled makeup skills, was able to negotiate his own rate. In 1902, Lon Chaney found a way to incorporate his skills as a tradesman into his passion for the theater. The Chaneys continued touring, settling in California in 1910. Page 47. Cause of death was not disclosed. This marriage ended in divorce, and he soon remarried to Hazel Hastings. Blake, Michael F. (1998). More of a mystery film than a shocker, the 1927 picture nonetheless features one of the most indelible images in the history of horror in Chaney's razor-toothed Man in the Beaver Hat. Although she survived the attempt, she could no longer sing. He never revealed personal details about himself or his family, once stating, "Between pictures, there is no Lon Chaney. Leonidas Frank "Lon" Chaney (April 1, 1883 – August 26, 1930) was an American stage and film actor, make-up artist, director and screenwriter. > > No, fire caused his death. So successful were the films starring this group that Universal produced fourteen films from 1917 to 1919 with Chaney, Stowell, and Phillips. [22] In 1994, Al Hirschfeld's caricature of Chaney was featured on a commemorative United States postage stamp.[23]. "The Films of Lon Chaney". ", "Movie monsters kick off National Stamp-collecting Month. A popular joke of the 1920s, originally attributed to director Marshall Neilan as a lighthearted admonition to a studio workman, was a warning to avoid stepping on spiders, lizards, and other creepy crawlers because they "might be Lon Chaney.". Blake, Michael F. (1998). Scroll Down and find everything about the Lon Chaney you need to know, latest relationships update, Family and how qualified he was. Critical praise and a gross of over $2 million put Chaney on the map as America's foremost character actor. "...It gave him that feeling he wanted to have of a tortured creature.". About a year later, according to his biography, Chaney learned the trade of carpet laying and wallpaper hanging at the urging of his father. Lon's cause of death was heart failure. Stanley Kramer said filming 1955’s “Not as a Stranger” with, from left, Lon Chaney Jr., Robert Mitchum, Broderick Crawford and Frank Sinatra was “10 weeks of hell.” Getty Images

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