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Hello, I have a radio group and inside that I have a single radio button like so: For whatever reason, it is displaying like this on my page: Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We have the value prop which will be added to the people array if we check it. We can easily find by using any of the Selenium Locator Strategies. Vuetify is a popular UI framework for Vue apps. OP apparently tried to do it without reading the relevant docs. Thus I posted more elegant solution. In the above template, we’re using the following Vuetify UI components: Card, Image, Button and Icon. The use of segments in non-relocating assemblers. What city is this on the Apple TV screensaver? v-btn is the only component that behaves differently when using the dark prop. Add class named flex-center to your div element that wraps radio buttons group and add the following rule to your CSS : Actually, the Vuetify way to do it seems to be like this: So on v-radio-group add row prop, and then align buttons with justify-center. Other Forms tutorials can be found on the sidebar.. Tutorial Introduction But as we know, apart from locating an element on a web page, we also need to perform some operations. We can add radio buttons with the v-radio component. If the initial value of your v-model expression does not match any of the options, the

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